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Why Is Hillary Allowed To Run For President If She Can’t Recall Or Remember Details?

Why is Hillary Clinton allowed to run for President? She can not recall; she does not remember? Somebody better come forward and explain what the hell is going on with Hillary Clinton’s MIND. America’s safety and future could be in jeopardy.

So why didn’t Hillary ask for a review of briefings if she realized she couldn’t remember everything, and what other things has she conveniently forgotten? If she had such a bad blow on the head (she’s blaming the concussion/blood clot from years ago) that she forgot things, how do we know her memory is working satisfactorily now?

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OMG! If the fact that she is a chronic liar isn’t enough, the fact she is also a scatter brain with severe mental issues should be sufficient to disqualify her as a Presidential candidate. This is not a person who should be entrusted with the health and welfare of 300 million people. These trust issues with her can’t be ignored or downplayed. She has surrounded herself with people who are also questionable and can’t be trusted either. The bottom line is the Democrats made a terrible choice when they nominated her as their choice, and now it is our duty as voters to deny her the prestigious position as President. The risks are just too high and could put this country in danger.

If you recall, she had a terrible memory during the White Water and other Congressional hearings. That was long before the fall. So, if she supposedly had a bad memory then and now it is worse because of the fall…maybe she won’t remember what she did at 3:00 one morning after she hit the big red button.

If Hillary can’t recall her briefings, what protocols were to be followed, what “classified means,” because of a concussion, Why should we believe that she’s capable now to handle a job as important as the one she’s running for? It obviously has affected her memory and decision-making process, by her own admission, and every time we’ve heard her say, “I don’t recall” or “what difference does it make.” On subjects covering a lengthy stretch, period of time.

It makes a big difference, her husband couldn’t remember things either, I don’t remember him taking a fall, or suffering a concussion. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

Can’t have it both ways Hillary. You’re either healthy enough to remember such “trivial” things or you’re not fit enough to be president.

It’s sad that this is the best she and her “handlers” can come up with. What she should do is just own up to what she did, but she has no conscience. The only thing she’s sorry about is that she got caught doing something she had no business doing in the beginning.

Selective amnesia, the only truth about Hillary.

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