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Why It’s Time To Cut Losses, Circle The Wagons, And Batten Down The Hatches

I have the utmost respect for the political outreach efforts of liberty-minded individuals, and at a base philosophical level I believe in the cause. Any of us who’ve ever witnessed a leftist experience their “come to Jesus”(sometimes literally) moment can attest to the inspiring feeling you get at cracking the shell off of years of social engineering. All mankind was meant to be free, but throughout our whole history those that have desired power and dominion over other men have devised ingenious and devious bait and switch methods for convincing others to abandon self-determination. That is, of course, when they couldn’t control them outright.

The struggle for freedom over tyranny is a worthwhile one. Arguably the most worthwhile earthly endeavor one can aspire to. It is one of the few aspects of humanity that people have overridden pure survival instinct for. When oppression is not met with resistance, untold suffering has been the result. Human life becomes negotiable, expendable, subject to social experimentation. Anyone who desires individuals to live up to their full potential should always stand for liberty, should always speak truth to power. When times are dark perseverance is crucial. And sometimes hope is all people have.

All that said, in any conflict one would be a fool not to recognize when a hill is lost, when a position is indefensible, or when pouring resources into a particular conflict is a wasted effort. There are times when a situation seems hopeless and yet the dawn is just over the horizon, but then there are times when one must not lose sight of the war for the sake of a battle.

Yes, there are certainly weak yet encouraging signs in some places. But by every applicable metric everything on the planet, much less the country, is heading in the wrong direction. Actually, it’s heading for catastrophe.

Did you know the recession has been over for a few years now? The Dow Jones has smashed all previous records to pieces. The thing is, that isn’t a lie told to us by the administration. It’s the truth. The recession is indeed over. Unemployment hovering around 6%(after adjusting how it’s calculated of course), a sixth of the nation’s population on assistance of some sort, a third not in the workforce at all. Yes, the recession is indeed over. This is the new normal. The new baseline from which all subsequent recessions will be measured against.

Our national debt, even before accounting for unfunded liabilities, is an incomprehensible number. We can articulate it but we can’t grasp it. If it were printed into singles and they were  laid out end to end it would come close to touching the Voyager probe. Our debt has left the solar system. Such is the power of the federal government combined with the detachment experienced when people handle money not their own. Add to that decades worth of inculcated entitlement, and now you can add unfunded liabilities back in. And that is a number that should give anyone who isn’t an astronomer a headache.

All of this would already spell disaster. However, this is perhaps not the worst part. The fact is that any move to do anything that would actually stem the flow hemorrhaging from the Treasury would effectively constitute political suicide. Fixing this problem would require We the People to purge all three branches of the federal government (and in reality our state houses and municipalities as well) and willingly replace them with representatives that would then turn around and stage an intervention on us. An intervention to break us of dependencies developed from the poisoned promises we bought when we elected our previous politicians.

Unless you can think of a plausible way to bring about any of these things, much less all of them, think twice before dismissing the assertion here. Our problems are not the product of the current administration. The current administration is the product of our problems. Compound interest is indeed the most powerful force in the universe. Unfortunately the principle also applies to bad policies and too good to be true political promises where the bill comes due long after their proponents are out of office or even in the ground.

We’ve had some hard times, but so many of our countrymen remain ignorant of the fact that it should have been worse and why. That fiscal smoke and mirrors and an unspoken consent by concerned parties to just go with it, combined with money “generating” privileges only afforded to governments, have artificially propped us up where we have no business being. Everything that would sink an individual, family, or business facing debt problems our elected officials have done with gusto, in order to continue winning elections no less. The numbers are bigger, the documents are wordier, and the feds can just add zeros to the bottom line when they fall short, but the fundamentals still apply. One can only defer momentum, not eliminate it.

And yet every pet project that comes down the pike needs more federal funding. We always need something else. Any opposition is a sign that you’re against poor people or children or equality or national defense. The number one taboo that will get you branded a fringe lunatic is calling out the simple but ugly truth that America DOES NOT HAVE ANY MORE MONEY! WE’RE BROKE! BROKE! Out of funds and floating on credit. If we taxed every wealthy person 100% and they continued to work for some odd reason we still couldn’t cover the tab. But we’re spending like we just won the lottery.

We’re so caught up in our should-or-shouldn’t arguments. Those are good arguments to have. But they’re a luxury when we need to be discussing can-or-can’t. Money is only one sign of the path before us, but money serves as an indication for the others. Follow the money, right?

A politician could never cure what ails us. But for the sake of argument even if a nominee had all the answers as soon as we as a nation heard them that person wouldn’t have a chance of getting elected. We’re addicts/dependents, molded into a misshapen doppelgänger of a free country like a broken bone that healed incorrectly because it was never set. The good news is there are ways out of our predicament. The bad news is that there isn’t any way out that (like re-breaking and setting the bone properly) wouldn’t be extremely painful. That wouldn’t require extreme levels of sacrifice.

To solve our problems would require a level of selflessness that this generation shows no indication it would commit to. The only comparison is the Depression era, and unlike The Greatest Generation, we’ve been subjected to decades of incessant preaching of the entitlement doctrine. We’re perpetual victims who’re always owed something, and it’s made dependency-addicts of us all. We hear the word independence but lack any familiarity with the concept behind it. Most Americans couldn’t survive in a nation of independence, a bitter irony when it’s supposed to be our primary moral. Above equality, fairness, security or any other false-patriotic sentiment we’re duped into chasing.

It is important for liberty-minded individuals to accept these hard truths and act accordingly. No sense in devising how to stop this train. It was a runaway before we got here, and this president slammed the accelerator forward and broke off the handle. The only thing to do now is jump off the train. No election is going to fix this. You might, might delay the inevitable a bit but even that’s unlikely. We were sold down the river, both in world events and domestic policies, a long time ago.

The likelihood of getting any one of these disastrous policies, many were here long before Obama, reversed is not likely. It’s also insufficient. That doesn’t mean to disengage from the process. But these particular hills are lost and our forces are scattered. We’re spread too thin to instigate change here.

What concern is leftist hypocrisy or presidential poll numbers to us? Aside from maybe personal ego, this president could care less about his approval rating for the very reason he doesn’t care what you think. And leftists wouldn’t be leftists if they weren’t hypocrites. Their only concern is eliminating us from the world by any means necessary. We’re arguing charts and stats and moral decency while they’re slowly making us illegal, they’re not interested in debate. Winning an argument with them is losing the war.

We need to coalesce, to concentrate so we have the clout to resist and insulate ourselves from where they’re taking us. With healthcare, or amnesty, or climate change. Also, so we can prepare for where this is all going. We need to determine if we are loyal to the Constitution or to the ground between the Atlantic and the Pacific.

The grassroots movements of the tea party and affiliates working through social media is a great start, and not to a simple political movement. It has laid the groundwork for what could be something new. The nervous system of a new organism. But use this network to build the other systems up now so we can be ready. A storm’s coming.

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Married father of three. 5 C's. Particularly concerned with matters pertaining to the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments.

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