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Why Sharia Law Must Not Become an Affirmative Defense In America:

We keep hearing of cases where communities vote to ensure that their judges use only American Constitutional law to try cases and not international law. Which I don’t understand being an issue at all, since our Constitution is considered the supreme law of our land. The Constitution, specifically the first ten amendments thereto, known as The Bill of Rights, remains the ultimate safeguard against the tyranny of the state.

In a recent decision on Oklahoma’s law — a ballot initiative approved by 70 percent of Oklahomans in the Nov. 2 elections — would change the state constitution to prohibit courts from considering international or Muslim law when deciding cases. The only people squawking about that idea are the leftist politicians who still think the U.N. is an organization of law.

We have seen firsthand just how much weight a U.N. resolution or sanction has in correcting the behaviors of dictators. There isn’t one country in the world that considers our Constitution when trying our citizens for a crime. Why in the hell should we consider their laws?

According to several news sources, Muneer Awad, head of the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, wasn’t surprised at the vote — but he was sad and worried.

“You have a state-endorsed amendment in our Constitution that isolates, targets, and marginalizes Muslims as a threat to the American way of life,” says Awad. “We would be stigmatized by this amendment as being an unequal member in the political community in the state of Oklahoma.”

Really, Sir? Please show me anywhere in The Constitution that states we must consider the laws of other lands when applying the laws of our land. Please demonstrate how the Equal Protection Clauses of our Constitution dictate that we must consider cultural or religious law when applying our own laws.

If that is the case, then all of the people who have committed an act similar to any of the acts that this country deems a crime, that might otherwise be excused or at least defended as a matter of Islamic faith; must be placed under review.
In that review, we must decide whether we are going to allow Muslim Sharia Law to be an affirmative defense in cases of pedophile marriage, spousal abuse, rape, torture, stoning, beheading, mutilation of the sex organs of girls, “honor killing” and the threatening or committing of terrorist acts against those you oppose.

You cannot excuse the act of pedophile marriage…oh, excuse me…”religious marriage to a minor” for a Muslim and keep prosecuting Mormons who at the very least wait until a girl is 14 to 16 rather than 9, only marry those girls out of consent of their parents, have no sexual relations with them until married, and do not (as a matter of faith) abuse those women.

You cannot excuse Jihad based on race, creed, color, or religion; then seek to prosecute people like the Westboro Baptists for their “hate speech” or the KKK for simply marching and shouting.

You cannot allow spousal abuse, mutilation of sex organs, or honor killing to go on under the tenets of Islam, and then prosecute Christian Scientists for not taking their children to doctors.

You cannot allow them to funnel money to their “charities” that are actually fronts for terrorist organizations; while seeking to prosecute Scientology for their contributions to politicians and such.

And if we are going to excuse those acts as part of the freedoms afforded Muslims under their law, when trying them in our courts, then we must further review all cases of similar acts for which people have been imprisoned or put to death in this country under our laws.

If Sharia Law becomes an affirmative defense for acts that would otherwise be deemed crimes in this country, then we are creating a system whereby one class of people follows one law and another class of people follows a second. This would amount to the very thing the left screams bloody murder about: the institution of a state religion. (Anyone remember that noise when we were just talking about tax breaks to faith-based charities?)

If Sharia Law becomes an affirmative defense in this country, then we must immediately review all cases in every part of the justice system that have involved the acts we seek to excuse under Sharia Law defense. If we do not make such a review, then we are in fact violating the Constitutional right of all citizens to “Equal Protection Under The Law”.

If Sharia Law becomes an affirmative defense and thereby becomes the law of the land, you women crying most about how regulating abortion clinics is akin to shoving religion into your uterus will suddenly realize that you no longer have a choice as to religion and your lady parts. You will suddenly find yourself lucky not to be in a burka and still have your clitoris intact.

More importantly, you leftists would have to shut the hell up about the death penalty if you allow people to conduct “honor killings” on our own soil. Don’t follow me there? Try this on for size: If the killing of other people residing on this soil can be excused for religious reasons of “honor”, then the entire “honor” of a nation founded on laws would require us to put to death everyone that dishonors the country. Oh, wait, that isn’t how Constitutional Republics act.

Not that you leftist, white guilt, apologists for America really care about the Constitution. Your only concern seems to be making sure we “evil racists” don’t “unjustly offend Muslims” by not letting them commit acts for which thousands of our own citizens currently fill our prisons.

Look to England right now and ask yourselves if that is what you want happening here.

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