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Wikileaks Bombshell: Hillary Clinton HATES Everyday Americans!

This is not a surprise to many of us as we have tabbed Democratic nominee the “Queen of Mean.” but to have one of her close advisors write this in an email which was hacked and then released by Wikileaks will show the American people she was never for them.

If she wins, you are going to see everyday Americans with pitchforks and torches. New Wikileaks emails released just moments ago include a shocking admission by Clinton campaign manager John Podesta that Hillary Clinton “has begun to hate everyday Americans.” The whistleblower organization dumped part three of it’s Podesta email release today and this has to be the most jaw-dropping revelation yet.

She probably hates everyday Americans because most love God, the Constitution, our country, our families, our freedom, all the things she hates us having. She wants to control us.


She hates Americans but wants to be our president- only for her money and power- and now also to stay out of jail- how can anyone other than illegal immigrants and dead people vote for her. Hillary is unworthy to be president. She is everything my parents, teachers and church taught me not to be.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, you are the smug run down your leg. Time to move on. Unfit for anything shame. Will not live long enough to see women in the white house. You are a poor person.

Her words and actions have shown her disdain for the everyday Americans.

Let me finish this – Hillary everyone hates you. At the moment you are escaping justice. But not for to much longer. You will be tried , found guilty, and hung for treason. This is what your running from. There’s no place on this earth for you to hide. You will answer for your crimes.

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