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The Bell Tolls! WikiLeaks New DNC Document Dump Shows DAMNING Pay To Play

To my way of thinking Assange and Guccifer have done and continue to do, a great job exposing all the corruptions and lies of the administration, Hillary and others. Things kept under wraps and behind smoke screens. Things kept secret from the citizenry.

The enemy of the DNC is faceless, and they want to put a Russian portrait on it so it gives them a bogeyman to point to but what if it isn’t a Russian hacker? Reports are members of the NSA leaked the DNC emails days before the July convention, but the Democratic officials never said anything about that. The Democratic Party is trying to manipulate us with paranoia about Russia but we are smarter than they are.

We haven’t even gotten to the October surprise yet and each day brings such juicy surprises! Sweet Justice – if our corrupt government won’t do their job then foreigners are willing to step up to the plate and knock the truth out there for them!

Here is the WikiLeaks announcement:

I beg to differ with you, Donna Brazile. Americans benefit from these document leaks. We should know who is running this country and who is corrupted. It hasn’t been proven that Russia is behind the leak but Democrats will blame Trump. The leaks are a wake-up call to we the people.

Reddit published a list of donors who were given high-level positions within government. Apparently, the pay for play is an easy was to become an ambassador, where you can get into a country to push your personal wealth agenda.


I think we all know just how shameful the Democrats are, now tell us something we don’t know. Someone said the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. That is something you need to learn, Democrats have no shame in them, a good example of that is Barack Obama. He hasn’t got a shameful bone in his body. He can stand and tell you lies all day long and never change the expression on his face. Now that takes gaul.

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