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Famous footwear

UPDATED: Wiley Wendy Davis: Liar Liar, Pink Sneakers on Fire by Kathryn Stuard

Famous footwear
Famous footwear

Democrat senator Wendy Davis rocketed to fame this past June for filibustering a bill in the Texas House. The bill aimed to ban abortions after 20 weeks and mandate abortion clinics meet the same standards as hospital-style surgical centers. Lastly, it required doctors have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Ms. Davis jumped on the tired ‘war on women’ bandwagon and did indeed succeed in running out the clock on the session. The bill passed in July. But by then Ms. Davis was already being hailed as candidate for Governor.

Ms. Davis’ much touted bio was delicately questioned and termed “blurred” by Dallas Morning News reporter Wayne Slater. Initially published on January 18 and then updated on the 20th, Mr. Slater states “the basic elements of the narrative are true, but the full story of Davis’ life is more complicated, as often happens when public figures aim to define themselves… some facts have been blurred. ” That’s putting it delicately if you ask me. If I’d been the author, I would call “blurring” of the bio what it is. Lying. Period, end of article. In reaction to the article, the Davis camp immediately claimed that her opponent Attorney General Greg Abbott’s camp were the instigators. Mr. Slater tweeted that he had spoken to “zero” people in the Abbott campaign.

Then in an unbelievable sneaker-in-mouth statement Ms. Davis said Greg Abbott should walk a mile in her shoes. Mr. Abbott is a paraplegic.

Turn this around and change the political affiliations of all the players on this stage. Pretend Sarah Palin said something like that. Pretend Michelle Bachmann lied about her bio. The media would be all over it in not only Texas but across our fruited plain. No one is discussing this. It’s ok for a democrat female to lie about basic information about her own life. It’s certainly not a big deal for a democrat female to make an insensitive remark about her opponent. And it is always ok for her to play the victim in real life and even in her bio. What should be examined, and it certainly isn’t, is if a woman openly lies about her life experiences what else will she lie about? Or to put it in a nicer term: what else will she willingly blur?

Just for grins you should know that Ms. Davis was elected to represent Tarrant county. That’s the only major metropolitan area that Obama didn’t carry in the past two elections.

That is how in play Texas is for the Democrats. Frightening.

Ms. Davis bio: 1. Had baby and divorced age 19 2. Lived in mobile home park after divorce
3. Attended TCU and Harvard on loans and scholarships 4. Her mother had only 6th grade education.

The truth: 1. Had daughter and divorced at 21. 2. Lived a few months in family’s mobile home. 3. As single mom, she met and married lawyer Jeff Davis who paid for final two years at TCU and all of Harvard Law. They had another daughter and he kept them while she attended Harvard and they lived in Boston. When they divorced in 2005, he got custody of the girls and she paid support. 4. Her mom is listed in Muleshoe. Texas high school yearbook.

Fun times ahead.

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