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Will latest scandals bring down Fiorina’s campaign?

Carly Fiorina’s 2016 campaign for President didn’t even so much as have a pulse until she made an aggressive showing in the first “kids table” Republican debate. That performance faced little media scrutiny beyond the consensus that she dominated the other hapless candidates. That earned her a spot on the main stage at the second debate, where she once again bulldozed the conversation.

Even as that earned her an uptick in Republican polls, it’s also invited a closer examination of not only what she said on stage, but also her checkered past professional life. Suddenly it turns out she’s been scandal plagued and indirectly falsifying some stories all along, and no one noticed or cared until now.

That places her campaign on a countdown to being over – but how soon?


Keep in mind that Republican voters, and particularly Republican primary voters, don’t care about scandal or incompetence or dishonesty unless it reaches such a level that they realize the candidate will never win over enough of the mainstream to get elected. Fiorina is approaching that mark at light speed.

It turns out she illegally sold computers to Iran while she was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, a company that she ran so poorly it lost half its valuation by the time she was fired, and now she’s been caught lying about her record. She has also been caught lying about a Planned Parenthood video which doesn’t exist, then had her team cobble together a doctored video to try to cover for it.

If that’s not enough, Fiorina donated indirectly to to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign and is now lying about having done so. She’s also been using false medical information to justify her anti-medical marijuana stance, and she’s newly accused of having ripped off taxpayers for four billion dollars while running HP.

On top of it all, the FEC is investigating a half a million dollars in Super PAC that she appears to have taken away from a rival candidate. In a period of just two weeks, she’s gone from the new rising star to arguably the least electable of the major Republican candidates. Could this be the end of her campaign?


Republican primary voters may be painted as extremist by the liberal media, but we are not that stupid, and we know there is other less scandal-plagued candidates to choose from. Look for voters to reluctantly tank her in the next round of polls, after which her scant financing will dry up. She won’t be the next Republican to drop out, but it’ll come soon.

The footsteps are surprisingly close for someone who just last week appeared to be a viable candidate with momentum.

What are your thoughts? Do you think she’s ready or is there too much here? Share your thoughts below and add this to your twitter/facebook timeline for discussion.

h/t – The Blaze, Bloomberg Review, Conservative Review

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