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Will Loretta Lynch Investigate Planned Parenthood’s Baby Plantations?

According to an article in The Hill, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said at a press conference that the Department of Justice is considering an investigation into two videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of tissue from aborted babies through a process much like that used by auto salvage yards when they part out a junk car.

I’m aware of those matters generally from the media,” Lynch said, “and from some inquiries that have been made to the Department of Justice, and again at this point we’re going to review all the information and determine what steps, if any, to take at the appropriate time.

Planned Parenthood, in keeping with the expressed wishes of their founder Margaret Sanger to help create “a cleaner race”, managed in 2012 to not only to kill more black babies in New York City than were born there, but to find a market for their dismembered bodies as well.

Today’s abortion mills run by Planned Parenthood bear a striking resemblance to the plantations in pre-Civil War America. Plantation owners used the fertile fields in the South to grow cotton, while the abortionists use the fertile bodies of poor black women in our inner cities to grow a crop of brains, hearts, and livers. Is it any wonder that the Left defends late term abortions so fiercely? Obviously, you can’t harvest them until they are ripe.

It is good to know that the DOJ is considering an investigation into this matter, but if they do pursue an investigation it will be a break from the norm with the Obama administration which has until now been unwilling to conduct a serious investigation into any wrongdoing by Obama’s employees or his allies.

If you read the Attorney General’s statement carefully, and with this administration you have to always pay careful attention to exactly what they say, she did not actually say the DOJ would be investigating Planned Parenthood’s apparent parting out of dead babies, she simply said they would “review all the information and determine what steps…to take”.

This ambiguous statement raises an important question – who will the DOJ investigate, Planned Parenthood, or the group that produced the videos, The Center For Medical Progress?

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long. According to an article in Politico, in response to requests by Democrats the DOJ has agreed to look into whether The Center For Medical Progress legally obtained the footage in the sting videos.

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