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Wind Power – Free Market Success or Just More Cronyism?

There is a worldwide shift happening, and has been happening for half a century, of moving away from personal freedom and a capitalist system to a more “social fabric” society where government imposes itself on all aspects of our lives, from cradle to the grave. This is a daunting task for all of us to take on because, quite frankly, we are outnumbered. The vast majority of the population, at least the voting population, wants the government to provide for them so they have no personal responsibilities. But I digress into a rant before I even begin. So, where to start?

Energy is at the core of our modern society. Without energy we return to human labor, and that means a return to slavery, short lives, and perpetual conflict with neighboring tribes.

Yet, the one energy source, which has liberated humanity from poverty, fossil fuels, is under attack by a wide range of factions. In the future I will touch on energy sources in more detail, and why we have these opponents of fossil fuels, but now I want to address one source which has been driven down our throats –  Wind power. Some four years ago, when wind power had just gotten started in Ontario under the Liberal Government’s Green Energy Act, I wanted to see if their assertions –that wind can supply Ontario with 15% of our power, if only we built enough of them– was true.

Of course the wind turbine companies dove in feet first into what is essentially free money, while the consumers of that power in Ontario suffer with huge increases in their power rates.   This was a bitterly cold winter again this year for Eastern North America (where the hell was that global warming we were promised!) and people with baseboard electric heating, often in small town-home complexes built in the 70s and 80s, are seeing monthly power bills exceeding $700.

Energy poverty because of “green” energy has hit the UK, Germany and Spain, to name a few. The proponents of wind energy are claiming that the costs will come down and wind turbines will become more efficient. Some even claim wind will replace nuke plants. Well, when I finished my analysis on wind output it became very evident they were very very wrong. My analysis can be found here. Here are two graphs that sum up the inefficiency of wind power, which cannot be changed by better technology.

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