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#WIPrimary Blitzkrieg: If you didn’t notice, Trump just reorganized his game!

The name of the game now is to win the state or come in a strong second to ensure his opponents do not run away with the primary state.

Trump has taken his campaign into overdrive and is actively reaching the voters in… Click to Tweet
Half the country has voted already on the Republican side and according to the rules of each state, Donald Trump is leading by a large margin. You won’t hear that on mainstream media or click-bait “conservative” websites hell-bent on taking him down.

But we noticed something of late.

If you are not looking, you will see how the GOP front-runner just reorganized his game. Sen. Ted Cruz supporters might want to watch the rallies he did on Saturday from beginning to end. There should be particular emphasis on the beginning of each, but you should also look at the content of Trump’s speaking as well.

Trump’s level of confidence is such that he may well have secured some knowledge that he will, in fact, win Wisconsin. Trump has taken his campaign into overdrive and is actively reaching the voters in Wisconsin. He will also have three more today and more scheduled on Monday.

He is tirelessly and blitzing Wisconsin. You didn’t see this in Utah as some have said, others said he barely made appearances there. How many of you think he would waste his time in a place where he couldn’t win it or at least rack up some delegates so Cruz doesn’t get a majority of the delegates, he is spending HIS money after all.

He’s not a gambler. He’s a businessman who invests resources where they can be made to work.

Cruz’s chances for a foreseeable path to 1237 is what you would call a “pipe dream.” The reality is that he needs Wisconsin, and when I say that, he has to outperform an outperformance. Prospects would become significantly worse and more difficult for Cruz to reach 1237 if Cruz loses and if it weren’t for the idea of banking on the idea of a corrupted brokered convention as a means of attempting to gain the nomination then pretty much everyone knows the RNC will do exactly what they intended to do all along — give it to someone that no one voted for.

Cruz’s kamikaze campaign… if he loses the possibility of 1237, he should drop to keep the establishment from winning.

Do you think Trump has a shot at winning Wisconsin, or, at least, coming in a strong 2nd, so Cruz doesn’t win a majority of the delegates? Share your comments (below) and let me know what you are thinking.


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