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Wise Words For The 2014 Election

WAAR DECISION DESK 2014Ever the source of common sense and wisdom, my good friend Bill LaRussa (aka Titan92 on Own The Narrative) puts the whole 2014 election into perspective (NOTE: using his exact words from the group, so there might be some misspelled or slang words):

Nobody asked for my opinion, but (for clarific purposes)…

All “dirt” & exposes on GOP candidates need to be shelved until after the midterms.We have a scumbag Senate Majority Ldr that needs overthrowing first. Sorry, conservatives (talking to the activists & blogger community here), but we can’t have it both ways. Politics at the D.C. level is a gross sausage-making business, and you’re never gonna get a majority of Boy (and Girl) Scouts that can win & stay true to conservative  principles. You wanna shoot friendly fire at our candidates – as it appears one such blogger has done to Rounds – then don’t throw up your hands in frustration when we don’t win the majority – or the Presidency. The Dems play to win, take no prisoners, and with their own public behavior make our ALLEGED corruption look ridiculously tame by comparison. Is it too much to ask that – even if you think you got the goods on a GOP candidate – that you hold it until AFTER Harry Reid gets bounced from majority leader? We have bigger fish to fry at the moment. Like WINNING. Just my amateur take. I side with neither him nor the source behind Rounds’ alleged corruption.”

He then went on to say:

And yes, I believe any journalist or blogger needs to present FACTS against a guy,  rather than sniffing around & saying “Hmm, something kinda stinks around here. Maybe I can be the next Woodward & Bernstein.”

He finished up with this:

We have one goal for the next 4 weeks: Get Rounds & every other GOP candidate for House, Senate & Governor elected. I don’t give 2 shits if they are tea party, “moderate”, or anywhere in between. The primaries are over, and so should purity tests & other BS unrelated to knocking off every Democrat running for office.”

Bottom line is that when the primaries are over, our preferred candidates may or may not have won. Many people want to fight the primaries in the general election, and in my opinion that is what gave us 4 more years of Obama. We need to heed the words of another great Patriot who signed the Declaration of Independence:

   We must hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately – Benjamin Franklin

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