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With The Left, It’s More Than Just A Rape Fantasy

Say what you will about Ann Coulter, she mercilessly skewered the two recent… let’s just say flawed accounts of rape. The Rolling Stone’s UVA story which she also drew parallels to the ’06 Duke Lacrosse case and Lena Dunham’s incredulous and, frankly, bizarre description of events from her gonzo autobiography.

There are several things jumbled in here which can be described as horrible, not the least of which is that if, buried underneath all of this garbage, there is any validity to either case in question the actions of the “victims” have enabled the perpetrators to get away and perhaps repeat themselves. In the case of Ms. Dunham and anybody at Rolling Stone, that should tell you all you need to know about their true motivations.

There isn’t a pressing need to go back over them. Crucial details of the Rolling Stone article fell apart under scrutiny and upon further inspection it turns out the author didn’t even do basic, like journalism 101 basic, fact checking. But where as the UVA story looks like maybe something happened but the alleged victim told falsehoods that permanently muddied the water, Lena’s book account is beginning to look like a total fabrication complete with embellishments. A mustachioed, purple cowboy boots wearing, violent, repeat offender villain. Sounds more like a cartoon character.

And how convenient, he’s the campus’ lone right-winger. Would someone of Dunham’s sensibilities even be attracted to a guy on the right and leave a party with him? Yes, guys on the left do tend to be beta-males, but come on. He’s… republican. Doesn’t he want to take away all of your women’s rights and hate black people? Is this the lefty version of a good girl falling for the bad boy?

Through the gossamer weave of whatever progressive cause of the moment there shines a few ideological beams of thought consistent across various topics. Examples include the downplaying of personal responsibility, the destigmatizion, even exultation of victimhood, and false equivalence. Hence trends like “Stop Slut Shaming.” The sentiment, even when genuine and not based in an agenda, is like everything else with the left. It’s based on feelings, not answers.

A coed has every right to dress as risqué as she wants and get blackout drunk at a frat party without having to fear if a guy will advantage of her. Yes, that’s true. But a person also has every right to carry a bag overstuffed with cash down every dark alley in every big city in the world without having to fear they will be mugged. It doesn’t change the fact that it is a foolish thing to do.

It is a such a horrific thing to observe a victim and, based on how she is dressed, say, “She was asking for it.” And yet, if you find out your friend’s password for his bank account is “password” you say, “You know you’re asking to get your identity stolen.” Whether it’s leaving a BMW in a bad part of town with the windows rolled down or trying to get a picture with a bear cub it is a common admonishment for one to give when they see someone put themselves at risk.

It’s only when it comes to a woman’s body does it become a, “How dare you! I refuse to in any change or even question if I already have enough empirical evidence to speculate in advance on whether or not this is a good decision. I’m going to dress however I want and do whatever I want. You just solve that rape problem, you (potential) rapist! I’m a proud slut!

And thereby the entirety of the problem can now neatly be blamed on a “rape culture”. If the feminist mantra were true than in theory the slut pride parades they put on would have a counter event. A collection of predominately WASP men marching with signs reading, “We’re marching on an intercept course so we can rape the sluts!”

The crime is horrific, and perpetrators should be shown absolutely no quarter from the law. This isn’t about blaming the victim, nor does it absolve the guilty party. Stigmatizing victimhood isn’t about making them feel worse or “re-victimizing” them. Stigma can serve an important role. Helping to prevent victimization in the first place.

But progressivism isn’t about solving this problem. Whether it’s feminism, race relations, or labor the progressive engine is fueled by victimhood. And that is the saddest part, really. The influential don’t care about the victims, whether they’re real or not. Rolling Stone ran with the article without caring if it was true or not. Because they wanted it to be true. They practically salivate for the victimization of potential martyrs for the cause.

It is their rape fantasy.

They want so desperately for it all to be true. It vindicates the horror stories they tell each other around their social justice campfires. It justifies the depictions they conjure about people on the right that they slander without remorse.

They imagine them as civilization’s rapist. They fantasize about it because they need it. They have sold out to a philosophy and a system that doesn’t work on any level. The structure crumbles around them while simultaneously their dry erase moral codes fail them. The only alternative to admitting failure when the promises were so seductive is to find a villain.

Who better than the messengers who call attention to progressivism’s folly, who point out that it and insanity have the same definition.

In keeping with the personal rule for anytime Lena Dunham is mentioned:

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