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Woman claiming to work at Home Depot and want white people dead was all a joke

Last week, Patrice Pace posted an inflammatory, racist message on Facebook after the Charleston S.C. massacre that saw 9 black Americans killed by a young white teen Dylann Roof. I captured the screenshot of this person’s post and challenged Home Depot as per for entry stated she worked for the business.

Dallas Morning news did great background investigation into Pace, who lives in Texas, and found that she had manufactured a lie. Here is the facebook original post outing Pace and her racist remark.


Now I did send a message to Home Depot on twitter as I know they usually respond to inquires and I asked the following:

They quickly responded to me, I retweeted their message to let those that had been following the story, they had no knowledge of Ms Pace.

Dallas Morning news saw this entire ordeal go down and went even further into the incident and found the following:

Home Depot is being slammed on social media because a Dallas woman who claimed to be an employee posted on Facebook that she was “down for randomly killing white people” in response to the massacre of blacks at a Charleston, SC, church.

But the woman, Patrice Pace, 23, who is black, says she doesn’t actually work for Home Depot and was just joking on her personal page among her friends. The national chain confirmed it can’t find “any evidence” Pace has ever worked there.

She said that she didn’t know why she picked Home Depot. Just random, she said.

“Same reason it says I live in Jamaica, like, I don’t know,” she said. “I’m pretty sure Home Depot’s getting plenty of phone calls and looking through their employee list looking for Patrice Pace.”

Police visited Pace at her residence and questioned her about the post, asking her to delete it (which she said she already had done at that point). She told “Scoop Blog” that she made the posts during a “tense” moment, but that “it’s only the white people that have taken it seriously.”

Someone get a message to Ms Pace, I am not white and I took it seriously and I am glad Home Depot wasn’t involved with this young lady. We have to hold these youth accountable for this hate speech anyway and every way we can.

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H/T – Dallas Morning News

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