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Woman threatens neighbor – “Be worried about me, I’m still looking for my 40 acres and a mule”

Some of us have neighbors from hell and others have neighbors born in hell and placed on earth. I watched this entire clip and I was shocked at the woman who was complaining and using racist epithets and threats to the neighbor that lived above her. vengeful

I can understand her frustration living in an apartment building and on top of that she lost her husband the week before but that doesn’t give her the right to use such language in trying to rectify the problem.

The videographer explains the situation:

“I live at a “luxury apartment” complex called Pierhouse at Channelside in Tampa, FL. Due to poor construction my downstairs neighbor can hear me walking around upstairs and thinks I am intentionally stomping.

One Sunday afternoon at 3:30 there was a loud banging on my door. I opened the door and my neighbor started hurling racist rants at me calling me a white faggot (i am straight) and threatening to kill me. Shortly after one of my friends grabbed a camera and began recording and this is the last 11 minutes of the encounter.

I took this video to property management to allow me to be released from my lease or her evicted for criminal threat to my life but they took no action.”

This lady’s son was trying his best to be respectful to both and keep the peace to get his message across but his mom just wouldn’t stop. Enjoy the video and feel free to like or comment below.

Share your opinions below in our comment section. What would you have done as the neighbor she was speaking too? Add this to your twitter/facebook timeline and join the discussion.

H/T – Philgood Davis



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