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Womanizer Bill Clinton now using “Republicans believe Obama born in Indonesia” card

You know they are desperate when they act like Barack Obama is the candidate again and has to be protected from “birthers.” I am beginning to feel like an island in an ocean of unfathomable insanity.

People are angry because your party’s dishonest failed president has brought us failure after failure, both domestically and abroad. Who gives, a C R A P where your miserable liar failure of a president was born anymore?

That was only relevant when your disgusting liar/failure of a wife was running in 2008, and YOU made the birth thing an issue.

This is what he said:

“About half the American people, after inflation, are living on the same or less than they were when I was president,” Clinton told supporters at a small campaign rally. “That’s 15 years, that’s too long. And, so, people ought to be angry. The question is, how do you channel your anger? Now, the Republicans know that when people are emotionally bruised they need the outlet of blame. And they are great blamers.”

Clinton made a sly reference to Indonesia, where he said many Republicans “still think [Obama] was born there.

“They have blamed — depending on which one you’re listening to — Mexicans, Muslims, the president, someone caught a cold in Indonesia yesterday and said it’s his fault,” Clinton said.

“A lot of them still think he was born there,” the former president added.

Clinton took a shot at Trump for turning Hillary in the “embodiment of all evil.”

“And after years of working with Hillary and praising her to the heavens, she all of a sudden became the embodiment of all evil,” Clinton said.

Watch the full campaign event below:

Can you believe he’s going there now? Last time he was in New Hampshire in this role he was blamed for being racist when he said: “This is the biggest fairytale I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Share your comments with us and let us know what you think of this campaign tactic!

h/t – FOX 10 Phoenix

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