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By Lawrence Jackson ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Women House Dems Staging Walkout To Support “Day Without A Woman” Protest!

On March 8, Representative Lois Frankel (D-FL) and other women House Democrats plan to stage a walkout from the House chamber.

These liberal women want this to be a symbol to support the “Day Without A Woman” protests against President Trump.

The Hill reports they will speak on the floor to support the protest, then walk out after the House convenes at noon while wearing red.

Frankel also told The Hill in a Tuesday interview about showing solidarity against Trump.

“I think it’s important women in Congress show our solidarity,” Frankel told The Hill in an interview Tuesday.

“I cannot walk down any place in my town without people stopping me with severe anxiety about President Trump,” Frankel said. “There is so much anxiety and so much energy. Constituents want to know that they have representatives who are fighting back for them.”

Wednesday’s protest, she said, is a way there can be “peaceful outlets for their anxiety until we get to another election.”

While these liberals think this protest is heroic, many conservatives on Twitter blasted the day as a scam.

Let me reiterate, #daywithoutawoman is being led by a Palestinian convicted terrorist who killed 2 Jewish students dur bombing #ThatIsAll

#daywithoutawoman Seriously You’re Protesting For What Bcuz U Didn’t Get Your Way What A Msg U Are Sending Woman Should Be Resilient

See, as a valuable woman in my workplace, I’m valuable because I show up to work! #DayWithoutAWoman

You don’t want to miss my #DayWithoutAWoman show tomorrow. #DanaRadio #ThisWomanWorks

#daywithoutawoman <~ good god. Are the crazy snowflakes absolute mental cases??!

#DayWithoutAWoman You must all be pretty insecure in your place in the world if you only think it can be demonstrated by your absence.

Speaking as a woman … I can live the rest of my days without any of the women at #daywithoutawoman

On March 8, I will be a #womanatwork

What do you think about tomorrow’s protest? Comment below and let us know.

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