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Woobenson Morisset's brother via Boston.cbslocal

Woobenson Morisset free on $500 bail after assaulting police – twice!

While police officers in Boston were attempting to serve a warrant to Haitian immigrant Woobenson Morisset, 19; several of his relatives jumped in to kick, punch and choke the officers, as reported at Woobenson, along with his 18-year old brother Lorcen Morisset and five unidentified juveniles battered the police officers who went to to the hospital for their injuries.

Lorcen (pictured) told reporters that the police officers lied about the whole encounter.

A police statement described the incident in part:

During the execution of the warrant, officers encountered the 19 year-old male suspect, Woobenson Morisset, in the rear stairwell of 6 Wayne Street. A violent struggle ensued between the officers and the suspect. While officers were attempting to control the suspect, numerous occupants from additional apartments in the building engaged in the struggle, against the officers. Officers reported they were kicked, punched and choked by numerous suspects.

But defense lawyers told a different tale. They claim (inexplicably) that “police pushed Woobenson Morisset while trying to arrest him on a default warrant, an officer fell or tripped in the process, and chaos ensued as relatives moved in to aid Woobenson or record the scene in the cramped stairway,” as reported at the Boston Globe.

The officers were treated and released from the hospital. While they were not identified in the press, it was reported that they were “pretty banged up” and will take some time off before returning to work. One of the officers was fitted with a neck brace.

On the same day the police were allegedly being assaulted; Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and Police Commissioner William Evans were at the Twelfth Baptist Church with “activists,” where they “prayed for Boston officers as well as activists, some of whom have organized street demonstrations on behalf of [Michael] Brown and [Eric] Garner, often under the rallying cry ‘Black Lives Matter,’” as reported at the Boston Globe. Neither of the officials believe that the assault on police officers is related to the “rising national tensions” related to the relentless – and baseless – vilification of police officers. as reported at the New York Times.

It turns out that Woobenson Morisset had three cases pending, but continually missed court appearances prompting officers to serve the warrant in the first place. According to NYT article, he also punched a police officer in 2013 who thwarted the young man’s attempt to engage in a home invasion. The Boston Globe goes into further detail on Morisset’s violent criminal history: “assault and battery with a knife, breaking and entering and assault and battery on a police officer, and attempting to commit a crime…” His attorneys stated that Morisset has “limited cognitive ability.”

From UniversalHub:

Woobenson was released on $500 bail; Judge Ernest Sarason declined a request from prosecutors to revoke his bail on the charges that had brought officers to his home in the first place. Lorcen was set free on personal recognizance, the DA’s office reports.

Four female teens, ages 13, 14, 15, and 16, and one male, 17, were all charged with delinquency for assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and resisting arrest. Judge Paul Lewis imposed $500 bail for the 17-year-old and $1 bail for the younger teens, and ordered them to go to school when it re-opens after New Year’s.

The questions posed at Broadside News:

  1. Why was Woobenson Morisset free to roam the streets if he assaulted a police officer just last year?
  2. How many times must one assault a police officer to be sent to prison?

The non-penalty for such violent behavior is shocking for all of the alleged offenders, but particularly for Woobenson Morisset, who clearly has a violent history.

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