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World Champs Become Chumps; LeBron, Teammates Won’t Stay At Trump SoHo

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No one hated Donald Trump until he was the Republican nominee and then President-Elect. Didn’t care when you were staying there before, but now you care all of a sudden. I’m am not a LeBron James fan, so it’s real easy for me to say quit being a little girl and move on. These same people wanted people to give Barack Obama who hasn’t done anything for the black community.

I think LeBron is still butthurt because he tried campaigning all day trying to get Hillary endorsed and he lost Ohio by almost double digits and even if he wins the NBA title which I hope he doesn’t he doesn’t visit I’m pretty sure Trump will be grateful he doesn’t.

From ESPN:

A group of Cleveland Cavaliers players has been excused from staying at the team’s planned accommodations, the Trump SoHo hotel in lower Manhattan, when the defending champions visit New York City this week to play the New York Knicks, multiple team sources told

Other members of the team’s traveling party will stay at the 46-story luxury building opened in 2010 and branded through a licensing agreement with President-elect Donald Trump, as the Cavs have a contract with the establishment.

LeBron James is included in the faction of players who will not be staying at the Trump SoHo, according to multiple sources. James publicly endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton about a month before Clinton lost the election. previously reported that at least three other teams will cease their business relationships with Trump-branded hotels this season.

They better not play the Wizards in DC. That city is named after a slave owner. Who cares LeBron, just play basketball and don’t fool yourself into thinking most of us care what your opinion is. We get it, you backed the witch and are butthurt.

These athletes need to educate themselves instead of just going along with an agenda because it’s the popular thing to do find out some facts before you go out and publicly protest. Oh and by the way like it or not you are a role model to millions of young kids think before you act!

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