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Worried American crafts open letter to GOP candidates “you are all on the same team-ACT LIKE IT!”

I usually get great letters from Americans, and I can’t publish them because I don’t have their permission but Carey allowed me to publish her letter so others would hear what she wanted to say. If more started sending me these I might start doing it more often so you can see people really do care about this country and who leads it into the future.


This grassroots American wanted to reach out to all the candidates and remind them it’s time to stop bickering and get down to coming up with ideas to fix this nation. Here is the entire letter as written to me:

Dear Republican/GOP/Conservative Presidential Candidates: Just STOP already!

First and foremost, you are all on the same team-ACT LIKE IT!

Stop the back biting, stop the mudslinging. Stop acting like kindergartners tattling on each other. Just STOP already!

If we want to know what Democrats have planned, we will watch, read and listen to Democrats. WE, the conservative leaning people of the country, want to know what YOU will do. We want to hear how YOU will change our current situation and we want details. We want plans, outlines and bullet points. GIVE US THE GOODS! Most people of this country want change.

We are tired of the same old politician’s game. We are tired of empty promises and lies. We are tired of threats with no follow through.

We are tired of the circus. It is time to be serious. Some candidates need to stop wasting money and time on campaigns.

Do the noble thing; drop out. If you aren’t in the top 10, it is time to start focusing energy on another candidate and/or move on.

Be forceful but professional. Be the difference. Be the answer. Be a leader


Carey Charlton

What do you think of her letter? Do you agree? Share your thoughts below in our comment section!



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