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Would the Real Racist Please Stand Up?

Apparently I am racist.

At least that’s the case according to a few people in social media. And why do they think I’m a racist you ask? Well, it all started with the recent shooting in the St. Louis, MO neighborhood of Shaw; Vonderrick Myers, an 18-year-old black man was shot by an off-duty police officer AFTER he shot at said police officer three times. Like the recent shooting in Ferguson, this neighborhood rioted… I mean protested the shooting and insisted this was another case of the police being racist against young black men and using extreme force.

As you can imagine, this recent protest made its way into social media, especially Twitter, where #ShawShooting trended all day Thursday. The tag was riddled with angry people of all colors decrying the actions of the policeman, screeching for tolerance and demanding JUSTICE for Myers, even though Myers shot first. Oh did I mention Myers had an ankle bracelet and was on house arrest for a previous gun charge? The protesters, especially the trust-fund kids on Twitter, conveniently overlooked that. In fact many of his supporters insisted he was unarmed and was holding a sandwich of all things when the officer fired on Myers – you can’t make this stuff up.

I made my way into the conversation and tried to explain that anyone who shot at a police officer would likely get shot, regardless of skin color. This didn’t go over well but it only ruffled a few feathers… so I went back into the discussion with a few more snarky tweets here and there throughout the day. When it got dark the rioting (and I’m sorry, it’s not protesting if you’re breaking windows and stealing American flags to burn) became much more intense and violent, and the rhetoric on Twitter followed suit. Claims that the American flag wasn’t their flag so they were going to burn it, and that the Constitution only protects those with white skin; it was really rather obnoxious. Luckily, this turn in rhetoric inspired a tweet from me that truly illustrated where racism is coming from and who exactly is propagating it.

This was the tweet:

Granted, it was snarky but I mentioned NOTHING about race and was honestly making a dig at all of the protesters, implying they had nothing better to do, let alone work. The reaction to the tweet was so telling…

Interesting.  As you can imagine I asked Kandy why she was so racist because clearly my tweet mentioned nothing about race. She continued…

What I noticed with Kandy was that she was desperate to make me the racist, even though it was she who inferred race into the tweet. She wasn’t the only one.

It was pretty obvious Kareem was being sarcastic about my knowledge of racism, so I asked him why he thought the tweet was racist. His answer was interesting…

Once again I explained to Kareem that I had made no mention of race and pointed out that protesters came in all colors. Kareem refused to acknowledge the reality of what I had said and went so far as to tell me I was lying:

I finally lost my patience with Kareem and pointed out where the real racism was.

It was at this point he lost his patience with me, called me a few other choice names and went on his merry way. There were a few others who screeched at me over this tweet, called me a racist, said I was stupid, attacked how I look which really is par for the course when engaging leftists on Twitter.

At the end of the day what this one little tweet illustrated was that racism is alive and well (and that haters really need to learn to spell), but it is not the people the left wants you to think who are racist. The left thrives on stereotypes, it’s their bread and butter, and when we break those stereotypes it’s like they’re desperate to pull us back in.

So in reality I’m not racist and when I tweeted anything snarky out about the protesters, it was more about their actions than color.

Clearly the people who wanted to make it about color are the real racists.

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