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WOW! Baltimore State’s Attorney Makes Shocking Move in Freddie Gray Case

After creating a spectacle in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray, it appears that Baltimore State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, has something to hide. After she, Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Al Sharpton, and other race-baiters sought attention after Gray’s death, Mosby is now seeking to block the release of Gray’s autopsy along with other documents she calls “sensitive.”

Baltimore officers

Mosby claims that she is trying to block the release in order to ensure that all parties involved receive a fair and impartial trial. However, this can’t be the case, as she and Rawlings-Blake spoke as if the officers were guilty, before they were ever officially charged. So, a fair and impartial trial is the last thing she wants and stated that she will not be forced to litigate the case in the media. Yet, she and Rawlings-Blake have sought media attention from day one. What she fears is that the truth will come out about Gray’s death, and the shady dealings of Rawlings-Blake, as well as her own.

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One attorney, who represents one of the officers involved, stated that after Mosby called attention to the case, it is disingenuous to not turn over evidence in the case, and he is correct. However, since when is evidence important to race-baiters and those seeking to justify their criminal behavior? They weren’t concerned with facts in Ferguson, and they’re not concerned with facts in Baltimore either. They just want someone’s head to roll, whether they are guilty or not, since it makes no difference to them.

One way or another, the truth will come out, and it won’t be their version of the truth. It will be the facts in the case, whether good or bad. Either way, we will see more trouble in Baltimore, because the mayor has given them space to destroy, and because Obama says the criminals need “understanding.” So they will continue to feel justified in their actions, and the country will become increasingly more divided.

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