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WOW! Chris Christie just took the fight to Hillary Clinton over Planned Parenthood – MUST WATCH!

GOP Presidential candidate Chris Christie just went after Democratic Presidential candidate in a huge way over her Planned Parenthood remarks.

Many of us know Planned Parenthood covered up their abortion practices and selling baby parts by using the “Providing Women’s Healthcare Issue” tactic and it won the day but that doesn’t mean they’ve won the war.

Check out the video and transcript from Christie. We think it was awesome!

Hi, this is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I saw a video today from Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that is truly disturbing. In trying to address the current controversy on whether there should be federal funding for Planned Parenthood Clinics, Secretary Clinton says that Republicans are against funding for women’s healthcare. Well nothing could be further from the truth and let me use my state, New Jersey, as an example.

We generously fund federally qualified health clinics throughout New Jersey, which provides excellent care for women and men in our state who need it. Everything from cancer screenings and mammograms for women to prostate cancer screenings for men to diabetes treatment and to everything in between that can lead folks to greater healthcare available to them and can lead to greater health results for each and every person who walks through the door.

Now you see, the real issue here that Secretary Clinton won’t address—is the conduct of Planned Parenthood. Do you think that Planned Parenthood should be able to use federal funding to kill children in the womb in a specific way, so that they can maximize the value of body parts that they then sell on the open market for profit? I’ll tell you that I think most common sense Americans believe that that conduct is reprehensible, should not occur at all, and certainly should not be funded with tax payer dollars.

My position on this is clear. We defunded Planned Parenthood in New Jersey nearly six years ago and I’ve vetoed it seven times since then. I don’t believe taxpayer money should be going to Planned Parenthood.

Now Secretary Clinton, why don’t you answer this question: Do you support the conduct of Planned Parenthood in the killing of children in the womb in a way that maximizes their body parts for sale on the open market?

Secretary Clinton, answer that question. I just did.

This is the Chris Christie everybody remembers! What do you think of this direct message to Hillary and how he laid out specifics? Help to share this video across social media and tag Hillary so she gets the message.

H/T – Chris Christie

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