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WOW! Here Are 5 Acts Of Kindness In Ferguson The Mainstream Media Ignores

While the mainstream media continues to stir up their race agenda in Ferguson, here are 5 stories in which citizens made good deeds out of the bad situation. Of course, the media won’t focus much on it, if not at all.

1) Good Samaritan at Papa John’s

A Good Samaritan prevented a couple of rioters from continuing to punch and kick a Papa John’s restaurant. Despite their violence and the second one yelling at the Samaritan, they were brave enough to take a stand, eventually leading to the rioters leaving. What was also impressive was that he voluntarily took action to protect the restaurant. It didn’t belong to him, nor did anyone tell him to speak up. The bravery and dedication of that individual is a powerful message to all of us.

2) Helping Natalie DuBose

DuBose, the single mother of two who used her life savings to open her own bakery, had found her sales plummet for several months due to the protests following the Brown shooting. It was sadder to see it in ruins when some rioters destroyed it Monday night. Despite the horrible circumstances, one of the fundraising websites committed to helping out has funneled in $257,781 at the time this article was written. Of course, DuBose was so gracious for the support, thanking everyone who helped her along the way.

3) Todd and Ashely Kincannon

Todd Kincannon, a well-known conservative lawyer from South Carolina, has tweeted a couple times that 10% of the sales his wife’s Etsy shop earns will go to help DuBose and small business owners of Ferguson. This was just one of many examples of dedicated individuals who used their earnings for a greater cause.

4) Clean-Up Crews

There were many volunteers that selflessly helped clean up the mess that resulted from all the riots. Mike Rush, head of a group called Five on Your Side’s, met with folks in Ferguson pleaded with the police to allow them to clean up areas that have been blocked with crime tape.

A small sample of pictures showing other volunteers clean-up is also visible, a wonderful site that the media probably hasn’t shown much of.

5) Other Fundraising

There is a fundraiser with the hashtag #FeedFerguson that is going to help feed those in need. The website states the following:

All donations go directly to the St. Louis Area Foodbank & will be used to feed kids in Ferguson and nearby areas.

At the time this article was written, there were over 5,000 contributors that have given a total of $154,602 and counting.

So as bad as the riots and destruction were, there can always be something good that can come from it. These are examples of how a loving community should act, by helping each other out in hard times. Of course, you do not hear this so often from the mainstream media. While they continue to fetch for false talking points portraying Darren Wilson as the monster, there are the acts of kindness they ignore, and it is both disgusting and unfortunate. These 5 individual stories of optimistic stories should be covered more often.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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