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Creative Commons Grilling Food, Photo By Carlos Lopez, Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

WOW! Mother Jones Advocating Against July 4th BBQ Grilling to Combat “Climate Change”

It is here again. The latest lame push to combat so-called man-made climate change. If you’re planning to grill some food while celebrating the 4th of July this Monday, you better think again. Well, at least according to the far-left Mother Jones.

Their latest plea is for all of us to not use grills this holiday weekend, claiming harmful effects to the environment.

In the article, they write the following section.

But there are environmental and health costs to our grilling habits. The Environmental Protection Agency offers these equivalents of the amount of carbon that would be released into the atmosphere if we all fired up our ‘cues on July Fourth.

They refer to a graph with its source from the EPA, claiming that barbecuing for 1 hour is equivalent to “burning 3,117 railcar loads of coal, operating a coal-fired power plant for two months straight, and driving 123,617 cars nonstop for an entire year.”

Of course, I find these numbers hard to believe. The question would be how the EPA supposedly came up with these results. Even if it were somehow true, it is not like grilling food is a national catastrophe or anything. The sad and scary truth is these individuals don’t only demand gun control, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they eventually want “grilling control” to push their green agenda.

Bottom line: Millions of Americans have grilled for a long time for many fun traditions, whether for Memorial Day, 4th of July, family reunions, or any other special occasion. The fact that Mother Jones is trying to make an issue out of this is sad and laughable at the same time.

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Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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