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WOW! Neil Bush – Cruz not just talking patrolling Muslims but also extreme Christians

Good grief. Memo to the Cruz Campaign Team: Neil Bush is not and should not be your spokesperson. Get him off the air……IMMEDIATELY!

Bush, part of Cruz’s finance team, appeared on CNN Wednesday morning following his brother’s Jeb Bush’s endorsement of presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz .

Bush was asked to respond to Cruz’s plan to surveil Muslim Americans after the Brussels attacks. “We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized,” Cruz said Tuesday.

“I think it might be helpful for him to clarify and to say, look, we’re not racially profiling,” Bush said. “He wants non-radical Muslims to participate as well. If you ask him, get him on your show and ask him yourself, but I would presume he’s also talking about extremists from the Christian faith and other faiths.”

How freaking insensitive could Neil Bush be toward Christians? Does Neil Bush realize that so-called “good” Muslims are committing GENOCIDE against Christians at this moment in the Middle East? It says a lot about Ted Cruz ‘s flawed judgment that Neil Bush is part of the Cruz campaign.

Check out the video here:

To suggest that Christians need to be monitored, as compared to Islamofascists, shows why Jeb lost. The Bush clan are part of the cartel, because while the left-wing anti-American nutbags keep providing moral equivalence ala Orwell, that doesn’t make it true. Sane, normal Americans know the problem is radical Islamic terrorists…..period.

Do you think Bush should be out in front speaking on issues for Cruz? Will this hurt the Cruz campaign in any way? Share your comments (below) and add this story to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

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