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WOW! Now it’s not important to Bush if McConnell takes up Scalia replacement!

This campaign just gets more and more strange.

Now you have Jeb Bush today on CNN saying “it’s not really important to me” whether Mitch McConnell takes up a Supreme Court Nominee put forward by Barack Obama.

“Not important to me?”

Now, in Jeb’s defense, he had already said he did not think an Obama Nominee “out of the mainstream” to replace Justice Antonin Scalia should be confirmed. It should wait for the next President. But why in the world would you follow that up with, “It’s not important to me?”

It sounds as if Jeb is open to the Senate taking up a nomination, having hearings and voting. That is NOT going to go over well with South Carolina Republicans or the rest of the nation.

Do you think the Senate should go forward with the nomination process when Obama nominates a justice to replace Scalia? Share your opinions below and let us know what you think.

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