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WOW! There Were Two Investigations On GOP Candidate Trump At Trump Towers AT SAME TIME!

Sara Carter, Circa National Security correspondent, broke some news on Sean Hannity Fox News show everyone needs to watch!

Barack Obama needs to come clean on his actions, or it’s going to be atrocious for him, and whoever else was involved. The media is trying to make President Trump out to be a liar or someone that isn’t sane, and I call that a hit job.

In watching Carter, my bottom jaw dropped as I listen to her give up the goods on what was happening at Trump Tower. There needs to be an investigation, and a special outside prosecutor needs to be called in because I don’t trust anyone in the DC swamp.

From Sara Carter:

There was a FISA warrant in October that was looking at the overall Russia hacking investigation but the FBI, when they monitored the server at Trump Tower, it was actually located away from Trump Tower, it wasn’t under the FISA, they did normal, strategic type of FBI investigations that didn’t require the FISA. So they went in, they went into the server but they did not use the FISA to do that.

They did have a FISA however, in October at the exact same time as this investigation

This is completely new evidence.


Watch the full interview here:

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