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WOW! This picture best represents how Donald Trump has harnessed the American attitude toward DC!

A new CNN/ORC poll gives the “The Donald” 24% support among GOP registered voters, followed by Jeb Bush at 13%.

Other Republican candidates are in single digits, including:  Ben Carson (9%); Marco Rubio and Scott Walker (8%); Rand Paul (6%); Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and John Kasich (5%), and Mike Huckabee (4%).

The CNN survey comes after polls in Iowa and New Hampshire show Donald Trump leading in those two states in the wake of the Aug. 6  debate and the businessman’s highly publicized dispute with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

From CNN:

“The poll suggests those behind Trump love him: He holds a 98% favorability rating among his supporters. But those Republican voters who aren’t supporting Trump are skeptical that he would help the party. Most Republicans (58%) say the party would have a better chance to win in 2016 with someone else at the top of the ticket, including 72% of those who don’t currently back the businessman.”

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