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Creative Commons Mike Lee, Photo By Gage Skidmore ©2012, Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

WOW! Trump Supporters Call Senator Mike Lee A “Democrat” #RNCinCLE

At the GOP national convention, U.S. Senator Mike Lee was interviewed on CNN regarding a roll call vote being denied, which would have been a step closer to changing the rules. Below was a part of his exchange.

“At any political convention, in every Republican convention, one of the first things we do is adopt the rules package. There were a number of changes to the rules that were not in this package. There were a number of things in this set of rules that a lot of delegates didn’t like.”

Lee is open to dialogue and letting the delegates have a voice, but it did not sit well with Trump supporters. Some of them went on to claim Lee is an RINO (Republican in name only) even though he happens to have a perfect conservative rating from groups such as Heritage Action. Others called him a Democrat as well. Hilarious.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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