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#XMenApocalypse is trending as the new movie trailer was release – Read my review!

I am a DC Comics person at heart, but I love the Marvel movies. I hope that doesn’t make me a traitor.

The Fan In Me: Anticipating this trailer is a small word to describe how I felt when I saw  trending on Twitter.  If the trailer and the music score live up to the traffic and buzz it’s causing right now; this movie will eclipse all others leaving them in wasted ash.


The Reality In Me: Looks pretty good from a movie trailer standpoint. Not really feeling the Magneto now just a henchmen to Apocalypse, I felt like they should have made it where Apocalypse such a threat, that Magneto and Professor X must work together to stop him, I mean that might end up being the case by the end of the movie, I just don’t like Magneto playing the henchmen for much of the film.

I wish Apocalypse had a stronger more menacing voice. With those complaints out the way, it looked pretty good, I like the special effects, always felt like X-Men never had good special effects compared to movies like Avengers, etc.

Watch the trailer and let me know what you think:

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