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You don’t like the police, this man’s video is going viral! – “When a cop says ‘Stop!’ – I stop”

When comedian Amiri King made a video talking about the anti-cop sentiment spreading nationwide, he had no idea it would go this viral.

King’s common sense approach and humorous delivery belies an important message, starting with things people should be against:

“Why so anti-police? There’s so many better things you can be against. You could be anti-pedophile, anti-guy that breaks into houses and sh*t, anti-pillhead, breaking into your car stealing all your f***ing change, Anti-Luke Bryan

“But you want to be anti-police”.

King reveals he’s an ex-con, having been last released from prison in 2001, with an extensive arrest record and says:

“I’ve never been shot. I’ve never been tased. I’ve never been maced. I’ve never even been tackled and thrown to the ground.

“When a cop says ‘Stop!’ – I stop.

“If a cop says ‘Let me see your hands’, I show him my hands.

“If a cop says ‘put your leg in, put your leg out, put your leg in and shake it all about’ – well, I’ll be doing the hokey pokey.

“It’s not that I’m an ass-kisser, it’s just that I have a plethora of common sense.”

Be aware graphic language is used in this video

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