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Young mom kills three sons over months time is SHOCKING enough but this reason makes it OUTRAGEOUS!

Something terrible wrong here that three sons are killed over a few months, and it doesn’t raise a red flag to the husband, and especially authorities?

Logan County prosecutor William Goslee told The Columbus Dispatch he interviewed Brittany Pilkington, and she confessed to killing each of her sons by placing a blanket over his head and suffocating him.

“In her mind,” Goslee said, “she was protecting her daughter from being not as loved as the boys were by their father.”

Pilkington was charged with three counts of murder and was jailed, said police in Bellefontaine, about 60 miles northwest of Columbus.

Pilkington is accused in Tuesday’s death of 3-month-old Noah and in the deaths of 4-year-old Gavin, who died in April, and 3-month-old Niall, who died in July 2014. Reportedly, there was no working telephone in the family’s home, and no attorney information was available for the mother.

Sometimes when I read these horrific stories, which seem to be many lately, I wonder if there is something in the water turning these people into monsters. Is it a full moon perhaps turning them from fathers and mothers into delusional murderers. The more I think about it and look around this culture we created, it hits me. We are bombarded with obscene trash constantly. We glorify bad people and turn troubled human beings into celebrities. We have a sexual culture that is further dividing the sexes. In my opinion we need a cultural reset, values reset, we need to take the foot off the gas and change direction. Take a hard look at ourselves in the mirror and stop the insanity. I’m a dad, and it haunts me.

Check out the video report:

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