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Young Potty Mouth Princesses Promoting Feminism

When you think our young girls in princess gowns, tiaras and make up you may think of a little girl’s tea party, laughter and great memories, right..?

A new video called “F-Bombs for Feminism. Potty mouthed princesses use bad language for a good cause” was made by the group This group uses extreme videos to push the progressive message to sell clothing items, t-shirts and other fashion items and  donate a portion to charity. I completely understand the value of shock and awe to draw attention to the message this group is pushing, but there are limits when it comes to young children. Clearly, has no problem in exposing or promoting foul language and horrific behavior to sell their products.

On the Glenn Beck Program this segment discussing the video brought up some very touchy and important topics when it comes to parenting, and the modern-day version of feminism. Imagine if you will, young girls in princess gowns, makeup and tiaras saying things like “W.T.F. I’m not the pretty (Bleep)princess in distress..I’m pretty (bleep) powerful and I am ready for success. I don’t need a penis to get paid. Teach boys not (bleep)to rape,” are just a few of the lines these young girls are paid to say. There are 25 uses of F-bombs use to promote the “inequality” of young girls and women in society. This is just a few of the lines in the original video, that promote modern-day feminism and moral depravity to young girls as an acceptable form of getting their message out.

Here’s what it is: It is time for another historic moment in America. It is time America shows that they are not a sexist nation. It is time to make history. It is time to have the first woman president, and if you are not voting for her, then you just hate women.” said Glenn Beck. ” They have destroyed these little girls. They have put their feet on a path that they will never change from.” he added.

I can not imagine going to a video shoot and hearing this type of language coming from the mouths of children. Why didn’t a single parent or staff on the set of this video shoot stand up and say, “NO, This is wrong,” and immediately take their daughter home? Is it more important to make a buck than teach our children what is right or wrong? When did parents allow their child to become a tool for modern-day feminism? It would appear that has no moral compass. They are only interested in pushing a progressive agenda.

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