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Face of entitlement

Your New Deal: The Face of Entitled Thugging Dragging Cop

A recent incident involving a Georgia police officer and a shoplifting suspect quickly escalated from bad to worse. According to WJCL, 23-year-old Brandon Christopher Adams was stopped by a Savannah Chatham police officer. When asked to step out of the vehicle, Adams repeatedly told the officer he needed to “call his brother.”

This is pure thugging!

Should the tax payers repent? Some might feel sorry for this “disadvantaged child”, but without having a clue about what we are dealing with here.

When feelings get in the way of truth and witness, we have de facto perjury in the courts. However, this is not at all the issue here, this is the past form of defense for a thug – the good old Baby Trayvon days. Now we are into the Baltimore and Gray days, a completely different game!

Modernity affords us to fix many mistakes, but abuse is abuse, and the law and history does not change in terms of intentions to do evil and the eventual great irreversible costs. Forgiveness? Sure, as a Christian one may believe in Resurection.

But what is bad is that from the defense of “Baby Trayvon” in the media, now the media is jealously defending the perfect right to be a thug. Gone are the days of crying for a fake little lamb, now the rhetoric is one of arrogant self entitlement in violence, asserting the “perfect right” to violently complain, to be ugly, to mistreat and to destroy.

No longer is the media merely picking forgiven “winners” in court, now it is in the street fights. The media has decided to choose certain people to be playing the role of butchers and others the role of submissive lambs readying themselves for the slaughter like in 1939.

What do you think will be the next step as things accelerate? Stay ahead of the curve, because this face of thugging is what all criminals now believe they have a perfect right to exercise, empowered.

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