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You’re being told Trump is the establishment choice, Check out this updated list, you’ll be SHOCKED who leads (as of Jan 25)

If you listen to twitter and facebook, you would think GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is basking in the establishment endorsement pool and nobody is a close second, but that’s far from the truth.

According to the tabulations from the Endorsement Primary, Trump is not even registering on the list of national elected officials most people know and see every day.

Senator Ted Cruz supporters will tell you the establishment is all in for Trump but according to the numbers that’s not so. They most desperately want him to be so they can crown him the establishment king, but Cruz has more than Trump by far. Governor Jeb Bush leads the way while Senator Marco Rubio comes in at 2nd place. Governor Chris Christie and Governor Mike Huckabee are tied in 3rd place with 26 while Governor John Kasich has 20.

Trump has zero. Check out the chart below:


If Trump is last, why are the Cruzbots lying about the real numbers? You have to ask yourself what is going on here.

Check out the website and research for yourself. Reminder, there’s nothing hateful in this reporting, but if you look at the click-bait websites, you will see they are doing this for a purpose.

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