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LAFAGE: Youth Consensus at #CPAC2016: Too Little Too Late for John Kasich

Friday afternoon CPAC attendees got to hear from Governor John Kasich, a presidential candidate who hasn’t been able to muster much support from the conservative base, partiuraly young people.

During his speech, the Governor was his usual upbeat, positive self which is one of the things people love and hate about him. Kasich hasn’t stepped into the ring with front-runner Donald Trump because quite frankly, it’s not his personality to do so and Trump doesn’t see him as enough of a threat to waste his time.

After Kasich’s speech I spoke with a group of Young Republicans to find out what their take was on his message. The overwhelming consensus was that it’s too little, too late for John Kasich.

David from Loyola University said, “He says a lot of the things we want to hear while we are here but we know his record. He accepted Medicaid from Obamacare and then says he will repeal Obamacare. It’s a tough sell.”

Another student in the group Kara from Liberty University said that she doesn’t like how much he talks about working with the Democrats. “When you have a record of working with Democrats from the Reagan years we don’t necessarily see that as a good thing. The Democrats today are progressives. They have a completely different outlook for America and you can’t work with people who want a different outcome than you do. It’s not going to end well for us.”

There was one voice in the group that was a little more positive towards what the Governor had to say. I didn’t catch her name clearly on my recording but she said even though she wouldn’t vote for Kasich, she thinks he is a good man and his record as Governor isn’t as bad as some of her friends think. “I wouldn’t vote for him and I dont want him to be our nominee; I’m a Cruz girl 100%. But I do think we need people like Governor Kasich in Washington to talk to the other side even if the other side isn’t like the Blue Dog Democrats he used to work with. We need to be willing to listen and I think he is doing that.”

Watch Governor Kasich’s entire speech from CPAC below:

What do you think about Governor Kasich? Should he get out of the primary now? Comment below with your thoughts.

About Alyssa Lafage

Alyssa Lafage is a young professional from southern New Jersey and self-described constitutional conservative. In addition to contributing to, Alyssa's writing can be found on CNSNews, PolitiChicks, Right Wing News and Save Jersey. Her activism has landed her appearances on NewsMax TV, One America News, Breitbart News on SiriusXM and other national media outlets.

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