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Zogby Poll: Romney Rising w/Younger Voters; Obama’s 66% Support in 2008 down to 49%

Analysis of a Zogby Poll done over the weekend reveals Mitt Romney is on the rise with younger voters. Obama, who won 66% of younger voters, 18-29 years old in 2008, was down to 49% in this poll, with Romney up to 41%:

WASHINGTON EXAMINER – Washington Secrets: For the first time since he began running for president, Republican Mitt Romney has the support of over 40 percent of America’s youth vote, a troubling sign for President Obama who built his 2008 victory with the overwhelming support of younger, idealistic voters.

Pollster John Zogby of JZ Analytics told Secrets Tuesday that Romney received 41 percent in his weekend poll of 1,117 likely voters, for the first time crossing the 40 percent mark. What’s more, he said that Romney is the only Republican of those who competed in the primaries to score so high among 18-29 year olds.

“This is the first time I am seeing Romney’s numbers this high among 18-29 year olds,” said Zogby. “This could be trouble for Obama who needs every young voter he can get.” . . . Read More

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