Conspiracy or Not…These Pictures of Barack Obama have been touched up by someone..You Be the Judge!

Conspiracy or Not…These Pictures of Barack Obama have been touched up by someone..You Be the Judge!

Liberals will tell you that what you will see before your eyes doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t matter. Why drum up old things trying to make this president seem illegitimate. Listen, if pictures do not go together then they don’t go together. Seriously, it seems that the White House has been operating off of a very low budget when it comes to fixing pictures to make things look a certain way.

This picture below. The bottom picture is what has been circulated around the internet and given the holy stamp as being legitimate. First off I have circled three areas of concern and I also found the photo of both grandparents together. It’s remarkable what people do to get their point across. If you see the grandfather’s hand in the 2nd picture that been deem legit, it position wrongly. Check around the internet and you will see the same exact hand in the wrong place.

Also check out the grandmother’s elbow. That is displaced also in the 2nd picture. If she is leaning on young Barack Obama, why doesn’t he show any sign of displacement? If you look at the shadows, in the top picture the sun is natural but in the below picture young Barack Obama is not exposed to the sun like the other two individuals.

This is a photo of young Barack Obama and his grandmother in Kenya. If you have another second look at smaller body frame and larger head of Obama in photo – weird huh? Also grandmother’s arm looks out of place touching Barack’s arm while Barack’s left arm is supposed to be rounding his knee but that is also out of place. I am not a forensic scientist but a picture tells a thousand words.

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