And It Starts: Liberal Andrew Sullivan praises SE Cupp for her stance against Rush Limbaugh

And It Starts: Liberal Andrew Sullivan praises SE Cupp for her stance against Rush Limbaugh

Andrew Sullivan had very beautiful words for MSNBC host S.E. Cupp today in his article. Cupp, who recently, and rather humbly, suggested that Republicans should not be afraid to call out prominent conservative voices like Rush Limbaugh when they make statements that reflect poorly on the Republican Party, ignited something of a firestorm. Sullivan stated:

“….until Limbaugh and his ilk are “disowned publicly” by the Republican Party’s most influential members, the party cannot again achieve the success it once enjoyed.”

MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp

Here’s my question to Andy. When have the democrats cared about making the Republican party whole again? Sullivan and the Democrats are willing to give advice to Republicans to clean their house so things can be a Utopia again? Are you serious?

“Sane conservative S.E. Cupp (her sanity means she has to be on MSNBC, not Fox) finally said it in last week’s cover-story for the New York Times Magazine,” Sullivan writes before reproducing Cupp’s offhand comment about Limbaugh to a Times reporter.

Andrew also stated that the Republican Party cannot recover politically until its opinion leaders have publicly removed any love they ever had for Rush Limbaugh.

S.E. Cupp stated yesterday she wasn’t going to apologize for her original statement. But Ms Cupp, nobody was asking you to apologize for voicing your opinion, we want to know why you went to the NY Times who loathe conservatives to make your point. That’s a valid question that you can answer anytime you want but in all honesty you won’t. You are on MSNBC and answering questions from a blogger with no media creditability is probably beneath you.

I do not attempt to discard S.E. Cupp’s love for atheism nor do I challenge her love for the Republican party. I just question her decision and that’s my right.


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