How many people were killed by the Democratic Party’s Ku Klux Klan?

How many people were killed by the Democratic Party’s Ku Klux Klan?

Reconstruction 1st Klan (1865-1877)

  • 1500 estimated by the Tuskegee Institute
  • 1200 blacks 300 whites
  • 100-200 killed in South Carolina
  • 150 Florida

The rest mostly killed during black voting in Louisiana in the 1868 US Presidential Election. The Klan was also partially involved in the Colfax Massacre

Nadir 2nd Klan ( 1915 – 1944) – 416
Klan was frequently involved in lynchings, killed mostly blacks in this era
Murdered Blacks returning from WW1
Killed Leo Frank (Jewish White)
Killed 6 blacks attempting to vote in Orange County Florida

Civil Rights 3rd Klan (1954-1968)
15 people (13 black)
These murders are well known and include, but are not limited to
1963 murder Medgar Evers
1963 16th street baptist church bombing
1964 Mississippi Burning
1965 Viola Luizo Shooting
1966 Vernon Dahmer Killing
Many of these murders were prosecuted … in the 90s and 2000s

David Duke 4th Klan (NOTE: David Duke was affiliated with the Democrats in 1979 – ie reference)
1979 Greensboro Massacre 5 killed

5th Klan
1981 Lynching Michael Donald
Klan member electrocuted
Total 1937
Note these are only those killed. Hundreds of thousands of people were injured or intimidated by the Klan
+ Although the Klan hadn’t been formed, Nathan Bedford Forrest, leader of the first Klan committed this atrocity
Fort Pillow Massacre 1864 277 blacks


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