Rev Al Sharlaton – “Watching protests take place across the country yesterday in support of Trayvon was encouraging”

Rev Al Sharlaton – “Watching protests take place across the country yesterday in support of Trayvon was encouraging”

That’s what the Poverty Pimp had to say about the events that happened over the last couple of days, after the “Not Guilty” verdict of George Zimmerman in the needless death of Trayvon Martin over a year ago.

The trial is now over, and black youth who have been silent on their peers being killed by members of its own community have began spot-rioting, and threatening to kill Zimmerman and his family.  In Oakland, police cars, trash cans, and property were vandalized, and the protesters blocking the roads.  I saw pics on the internet of Trayvon fans wearing masks or hoodies with guns or knives threatening to kill Zimmerman and his family….this is what Al Sharpton said he was encouraged by.

Someone, the opposite of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to speak to the black community to turn the tide

Isn’t it crazy that the black community can’t move on. This rage is manufactured by race baiting TV media who start off their nightly coverage with this violence, selling haircare products and cars during the segment breaks.

It’s not going to bring Trayvon back, but then again I think these Trayvon fans don’t really care about him, they just want an excuse to riot and cause chaos.

I really want to understand that the race baiting Al Sharpton is trying to put a beautiful face on an ugly situation. Sharpton wrote this on a piece that was published by the Huffington Post

Overwhelmingly peaceful, these demonstrations brought together a cross-section of people from all backgrounds and ages to demand justice. We must continue with that same passion and vigor this Saturday, and in the weeks and months ahead. – Al Sharpton

Are you serious? What type of dumb ignorance is this? Check out this video below of what Al Sharpton is proud of:

When you see these examples of hatred over the verdict that didn’t come out the way that they expected, then you must realize and spread to the masses without delay that this man is a boil on the butt of America. Al Sharpton is one of the worst people in America and needs to be called out on it every time there is a microphone present.



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