Seriously?? Barack Obama: MLK would have supported ‘ObamaCare’

Seriously?? Barack Obama: MLK would have supported ‘ObamaCare’

First of all MLK would never have agreed with Obama to force the Americans to pay for Abortions on demand (full-term), sterilizations, and birth-control pills under the guise of an ‘Affordable Healthcare Act’. a.k.a. Obamacare.  Also, MLK would know the ‘Definition of Marriage’. He, in his wildest dreams, would not think that the black community would be so stupid, as not to know, that an ‘Authentic Marriage can be only between one man and one woman. ( The opposite sex.) No MLK would not have liked Obama’s policies.

MLK would have looked for a black with character, unlike Obama.

MLK was not an economist, nor was he experienced at Governmental budgeting nor monetary policy. If he would have been for it, it would have been because of ignorance. He also would have been *against* free trade with countries that use slave labor, and he would have been against abortion, as it has killed more black babies in gross numbers than all other races combined.

Remember this and don’t forget it – Obamacare is destroying jobs and forcing the retail and restaurant industries to cut worker hours below 30 hours. Resulting in families having no choice but to apply for federal assistance programs. Hillary Clinton was on the WALMART board of directors during the planning stages of competing and destroying MAIN ST AMERICA jobs. WALMART offered everything for less, thus destroying the local rural economy..dependency on WALMART for jobs after Ma&Pa stores closed down. Now WALMART forces its workers on to a -30 hrs work week. Obamacare is wrecking rural economies. Eventually, WALMART will leave them all stranded with nothing. Hillary NEVER cared about women and children!

Put that in your kool and smoke it.

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