Enough Already! You Friggin Scumbags!

Enough Already! You Friggin Scumbags!

Oh it is ON! Harry, Nancy, Schmucky, Barack, and even those “Moderate” Republicans….This has now become personal.

For 6 years I Harry Reidfor one have tolerated the insanely partisan policies that have come down from on high by these Un-American A-holes and accepted the fact that it was about policies and nothing more.  But after listening to them the past week, insult and castigate those who were elected to do EXACTLY what they were doing. I find it beyond insulting.  These people serve the People not the other way around.  Harry and friends have forgotten that!

My God they were actually listening to the American People, the very people who sent them to D.C. How dare the stand up against these evil statists and try to work against Harry, Nancy, and Obama.

Truthfully it is to be expected from the likes of Reid, Pelosi, Shumer and Obama, but when it comes from those in your own caucus that is when it is long past time to take notice and work to correct this problem…And supposedly the Republican leadership is wondering why it has lost the past 2 Presidential elections.  HEY….Look in the mirror, THERE’S THE REASON WHY!


Harry complains that Republicans, working for their constituents, want Obamacare repealed, delayed and/or even changed, are Anarchists.  How DARE YOU!.  Obamacare is the law as long as Obama and Reid are in office together.  Yes Harry, Obamacare is the law…but you are the Anarchist.  You and your “der Leader” ,ruling like the “banana Republic thugs” you are, have unilaterally changed so many of the provisions of Obamacare that it is NO LONGER the law that was passed and shoved down the American People’s throats that Christmas Eve so few years ago.  Yes Harry I haven’t forgotten the methods used to pass this law.  And exactly ZERO Republicans voted to enact such a law!  And now when those who disagree with you want to take the yoke of this unworkable monstrosity of a law off the American People, you say that THEY don’t believe in the Law or Government!  In fact Harry it is YOU and YOUR caucus that do NOT believe in the Rule of Law.  Check out all the carve-outs and waivers issued against this precious law and it’s not even implemented yet.  You Harry Reid show your absolute disdain for the People of this Nation.

Harry you are the President of the U.S. Senate…Not the one in Rome 2000 years ago.


Looks like the Republican Ruling Class elitists have declared war on any one who dares to speak out in support of the American People.


Well Senator Cruz…I’m not that diplomatic.  Those that have been there too long have to go.  Either through the electoral process or through the use of recall procedures for their States which they are supposed to represent.  Either way…they MUST go!

And the Ruling Class Republicans are being led by none other that dear OLDE John McCain.  Who has forgotten that there is a huge difference between compromise and surrender. Sorry John…if you are not willing to fight for the American People anymore then do the Nation and Arizona a favor….go off into the sunset and be a retiree.


Ted Cruz has done just that and is being excoriated for doing so.  Mr Cruz is fighting for the American People and the very people who sent him to D.C. and the established entrenched political class is unhappy that this upstart from Texas doesn’t know his place, because that is not how things are done in the United States Senate.  You know you have to fake being cordial all the while sneering at the other side so as not to look like the foolish idiots that you truly are.

But the American People are being lied to by the Top Republican in the Senate…He says in one speech that he wants to repeal Obamacare.  Then when he has to put up or shut up he votes to help Harry Reid and the evil ones to help shut down the Government and keep the funding of Obamacare.

He says that everybody knows where Republicans stand on Obamacare…but Mitch you say one thing and do another???

Is it really that difficult to stand on the side of liberty and freedom?



So Mitch…you really aren’t fooling anybody anymore…While you may not be a total turncoat as John McCain or the deceased Arlen Spector are or were, you hopefully will have to spend every last bit of that multi-million dollar campaign war-chest on your re-election.  The rest of the Nation is hopeful that Kentuckians finally send you into former Senator status.


I thank you whole heartedly Mr. Cruz.  Thank you for giving a voice to conservative Americans and Conservative Republicans.  Notice I chose to separate the two groups.  That is because the establishment GOP ruling class has failed to learn ANYTHING from the defeats of the last two Presidential election cycles.  Thank you Ted Cruz….You have support from the American People.  Thank you.


These numbnuts think that capitulating to the demands of the Democratic Party then calling it moderation and compromise is the way to gain favor with the electorate.  Oh please, please like us…See we’re not much different from the Democrats.  And that is exactly why that is the ultimate in defeatist attitudes.

Well it might be to some of the republican electorate but the majority of Conservative Republicans are REPUBLICANS because they do NOT want to be associated in any shape fashion or form with the Democratic Party.  Period!

And why do I call them evildoers?  Because they are against liberty and freedom.  Yes it is that simple.  Things don’t always have to be complicated in this complicated 21st century World.

Throughout history those who try to take freedom and liberty from mankind, where ever they happen to live, are and always have been proven through the course of time, been shown to be EVIL!!!!

And these fools who are willing to drag down a Nation because they want to be admired and gain favor from those who would much rather see the Republican Party, the entire Party, dry up like an old dog turd and blow away in the wind.

So be careful, one of your friends from the last Republican National Convention has some advise for you Flamingo Republicans.


So we are out there and we have had enough from this Government.  Yes we NEED Government….Just not this Government.

Thank you to all who would stand with Ted Cruz.  You get it.

Now we need to help others to see how evil Harry, Obama and friends truly are.


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