R U Serious? – Cupcake Store, Car Repair Ship listed as Obamacare Signup Sites without owners approval

R U Serious? – Cupcake Store, Car Repair Ship listed as Obamacare Signup Sites without owners approval

The phones are ringing off the hook at the shop, but it’s not to order rides. They were listed on the New York State Health Exchange website as a place to sign up for healthcare. Manager Alex Mulerman said that is simply not true. He can’t believe they’d make a mistake like that…

A state Health Department spokesperson confirmed that New York was given a $27 million federal grant to hire 50 nonprofit organizations and 96 subcontractors as health care navigators. They were supposed to identify locations where people could meet and go over options, places like Brooklyn Cupcake, another business that had no idea Obamacare was on the menu.


The state Health Department said that a signup site is anywhere a navigator could meet with an enrollee, even a car repair shop. There doesn’t even have to be a table or chairs. Co-owner Marco Abad told me he has no idea how he ended up on that list. He said that like many small business owners, he has his own problems with Obamacare, and didn’t need another burden.

The Owner of this establishment wasn’t even asked! More Problems for Obama Exchanges

The business owners said they were not told when their numbers will be taken off the state’s health exchange website. For now, they’re trying to handle the calls as best they can while handling their business.

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