New High: 58% View Obamacare Unfavorably

New High: 58% View Obamacare Unfavorably

According to Rasmussen Reports, unfavorable views of Obamacare have risen to their highest levels this year with 58% viewing the law unfavorably. Rasmussen’s national telephone survey found that only 38% of likely voters have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of the law. Just one month ago the number of people with a somewhat favorable opinion was at 45%.  (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Here are additional interesting findings from the Rasmussen data:

  • 11% of voters say they have been helped by the health care law (The number who say they have been helped is down from 15% in October which makes this the lowest finding this year.)
  • 30% (which is nearly three times as many) say they have been hurt by it and 54% say that they have felt no impact.
  • 62% believe increased free market competition will do more to reduce health care costs than more government regulation while 22% think more government regulation would be a better cost reducer. 15% are not sure.
  • Just 35% describe the new health care law as good for America, and 55% favor repealing it
  • 54% oppose Obamacare’s individual mandate  while only 34% support it.
  • 66% of Democrats  view Obamacare  favorably (down from 73% a month ago) while 90% of Republicans and 60% of non-affiliated voters have an unfavorable opinion of the law.


There is more interesting information from this survey which I encourage you to read here.

Contrary to what the president and his talking heads in the mainstream media would have us believe, there is ever-increasing evidence pointing to the fact that the American people largely do not support this disastrous law. None of that matters to the King, I mean, the president. He is not interested in listening to the concerns of the American people. Just like the rest of his fanatical party, ideology always trumps good policy, reality and experience.

How do you view Obamacare? Has it positively or negatively affected you? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section. 

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