I stand with Rancher Cliven Bundy; America’s Cowboy!

I stand with Rancher Cliven Bundy; America’s Cowboy!

It is time to back this rancher . People of Nevada please stand up. You need to protect your state from the abuse of the Federal government. That land belongs to the people of Nevada. Hey what about the millions of illegal aliens using public lands to gain access and graze on the American taxpayers?

Can someone please explain to me how the federal government assumes land?

Do they pay the state?

It’s my understanding that federal land is what backs our federal debts. If our federal government were to ever welsh on it’s debt payments federal land will be turned over as the collateral.

So if God forbid our currency was declared null payment or we failed to pay interest back to our lenders, they get our federal land. Is this true?


This man’s family has raised cows on this land since 1877. They paid taxes on it and it was theirs until the government decided to force them off it so it could be turned into a reserve for tortoises. This rancher was forced to pay an extra tax in order to be allowed to graze cattle on what was still his land.

He finally said he wasn’t going to pay a grazing fee to the same outfit which has been trying to roust him off of his land. It felt as if he was giving them money with which to fight him. It doesn’t seem to matter to the government that those tortoises have survived generations of buffalo grazing those same grasslands. The tortoises don’t need protection from the feet of cows when larger buffalo feet didn’t do them in. They are not in any danger of going extinct. The government just wants the land and any excuse will do.

That’s our beloved (sarcasim) federal government, take away rights, regulate cow farts, and make a hard working citizen an criminal for something that he has been doing and has had the rights to do for all of his life. Now give that land to the illegal aliens that are taking over farming and construction jobs so that they have a chance to dream…. The government and law enforcement are out of control and being controlled by Eric Holder and the FBI…. We are in real trouble here folks.

I am honestly curious for someone to answer these questions.

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