Wisconsin Democrat Brett Hulsey to hand out KKK hoods at GOP Convention

Wisconsin Democrat Brett Hulsey to hand out KKK hoods at GOP Convention

Wisconsin Democrat Brett Hulsey has announced that he will be passing out KKK hoods, or party hats as he so eloquently puts it at the GOP Convention.

Hulsey who announced his bid for Wisconsin Governor less than two weeks ago shocked many even within his own party. This is the same Hulsey from the July 2012 incident at a Madison beach, in which he toppled a 9-year-old boy using a flotation device and allegedly took pictures of him. Hulsey pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct, but repeatedly has said the allegations were linked to political enemies trying to undermine him. And this is the same Hulsey who also faced another investigation last year, after he brought a box cutter to the Capitol!

In this latest ridiculous publicity stunt, one thing can be certain. When Democrats start screaming about racism, it’s sure to motivate the liberals to drive to the polls. It’s no secret how important these mid-term elections are, and we can’t sit idly by. Conservative Americans need to counter this lunacy by racing to the polls themselves. Nobody ever said politics was a truthful and honest venture, and we can’t sit back thinking that our votes don’t matter. THEY MATTER! Hulsey’s Twitter post is below.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 7.04.10 AM

According to the National Review…..

Husley’s attempt to project the KKK on to the Republican party ignores his own party’s history with the white-supremacy terrorist organization. Throughout most of its history, the KKK has aligned itself with the Democratic party, often forcing or intimidating others to vote for preferred candidates. Upon his death in 2010, Democratic senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia, who led his local KKK chapter at one point in his youth, was widely revered by his party.

Hulsey said he was trying to highlight what he called racist Republican policies to require photo identification at the polls, a law struck down in federal court on Tuesday as unconstitutional because of how it would affect minorities, passage of a law making it more difficult to force schools to remove American Indian mascots and cuts to public school funding” How exactly is producing an ID card at a poll place racist? If the local tribe is not offended about indian mascots, then what is the issue? This guy is a whack job.

It’s hard to comprehend what they’re putting in the cheese in Wisconsin, because this is shameful for even this pompous Democrat. It’s truly troubling that the issues can never be discussed rationally and logically. As soon as the liberals start to lose in the “facts department,” out comes the magical race card. Politics is not (and should never be about) race! It’s sad to see this type of regression from the liberal left.

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