Robin Williams And His Haters

Robin Williams And His Haters

With the sad death of Robin Williams, there, unfortunately, come the despicable trolls:

1) Some so-called ‘Christians’ are declaring Robin Williams is in hell

Among these include the Westboro Baptist Church, the world’s most hated ‘church.’ In one of their tweets, the ‘Church’ tweeted ‘According to all evidence, God hates Robin Williams & he’s in hell.’ The Patheos website also found some examples of Christians believing he is in hell for committing suicide.

I would have to ask these Christians some questions: Did you go to hell and come back? If you didn’t, then how would you know? It isn’t up to you to condemn people to hell. Are you also not aware of mental illness and depression? Instead of being close minded and seeing everything in life as black and white, maybe you should realize that God is also a merciful God who doesn’t punish people with mental illness. I find it ironic that these same individuals pounding their chests with pride and citing the Bible seem to ignore the verses about us not judging others, and leaving it up to God.

2) Jihadis have also shown their hate for Robin Williams

It is not just some Christians claiming he’s in hell. These individuals have criticized Robin for making fun of their religion. Has it occurred to them that Robin Williams is a comedian? Besides, Robin Williams hasn’t only cracked jokes about Islam but jokes about Catholics and Christians as well. One of the aspects I admired about Robin Williams is his political incorrectness and not being afraid to make fun of any single group.

3) Conspiracy Theories

While the family of Robin Williams continues to mourn, the conspiracy theorists had no time to waste, including their prominent claim that Robin Williams was actually murdered by the ‘Illuminati.’ Not only is this clearly not the case, but it is also obnoxious to make such absurd claims.

So while sane Americans rightfully show their respect and prayers for Robin Williams and his loved ones, there are always the nuts out there that have fun spreading their hate and conspiracy theories when they have nothing else better to do in their lives. The family needs to be given comfort and support as they try to cope through this painful process, and I’m glad that at least most of America continues to show their support.

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