BE PREPARED TED! Top 10 Lies Ted Cruz Is Facing From Media

BE PREPARED TED! Top 10 Lies Ted Cruz Is Facing From Media

As Ted Cruz’s campaign for president is just underway, so is the entire mainstream media, as they throw every lie and distortion his way in an attempt to ruin his chances for 2016. Here is a list of 10 of them.

1) Liberal source ThinkProgress released an article, claiming Ted Cruz ‘laid out the most anti-woman agenda yet.’ The author of the article took every single major talking point in his speech from today at Liberty University and tried to claim they are hurtful to the majority of women in this country.

2) “Ted Cruz scares little kids.” Even though it was proven he did not actually scare the child, according to her own mother, the left is still pushing the false narrative that Cruz scared the 3-year-old and made her cry after his now infamous “your world is on fire” comment. Every liberal source tried to paint him as a monster within minutes after he made the remarks.

3) “He is anti-immigrant.” Actually, Ted Cruz once again said he favors legal immigration and that immigrants who come here the right way should be rewarded. What he rightfully condemned was illegal immigration, including Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty. Strange how Ted Cruz, even being a Hispanic immigrant himself, gets painted a xenophobe. This is certainly because he is a conservative. As the double standard continues, the media would go crazy if anyone criticized a Liberal Hispanic, Democratic politician as anti-immigrant.

4) “Ted Cruz wants to take your health care away.” Or at least some of the millions of Twitter users thought this was the case.

5) “Ted Cruz is not pro-life.” Because Cruz supports the death penalty, the right to bear arms, and opposes so-called ‘universal health care’ that liberals love, he has actually been called ‘anti-life’ for his conservative and constitutional views.

6) “Ted Cruz is anti-gay.” Because he mentioned today that he believes in traditional marriage, which by the way has helped sustain society for thousands of years, Cruz is called ‘anti-gay’ or ‘homophobic.’ If these same people actually did a little more research instead of reading the headlines to liberal websites all day, they would know that Ted Cruz actually supports the state’s decision to deal with marriage regarding policy, a view Rand Paul and several other libertarians support.

7) “Ted Cruz is anti-Islam.” Opponents of him always claim this because Ted Cruz refuses to be politically correct about the issue. He uses the term radical Islamist terror to identify ISIS and terrorists around the world, but liberals also call him ‘racist’ for it, even though Islam isn’t a race.

8) “Ted Cruz hates blacks.”

9) “Ted Cruz is stupid.” This argument is generic and simply used for anything Cruz believes, whether it is his beliefs of lower taxes, smaller government, or even opposing a man-made climate change hoax, which liberals then love to call him ‘anti-science’ or ‘climate denier.’ If Ted Cruz being a high school valedictorian, having college professors praise his intelligence while attending Harvard, or working hard to become a U.S. Senator makes him ‘stupid’, then I have no idea what it takes to be smart.

10) “Ted Cruz hates poor people.” The left thinks you hate poor people if you want to balance the budget, lower taxes for everyone, and get government out of our lives. It is not Ted Cruz’s fault that we have to make some cuts that may affect some more than others, but that’s because crony politicians in both parties have kicked the can down the road with their reckless spending that has gone on for decades.

Ted Cruz makes so much common sense, that even several members of his party, including Rick Santorum, Pete King, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham have taken shots at him for being bold and supporting limited government. I love how Ted keeps his consistency and always believes in the Constitution, no matter who attacks him from either party. The fact that he will not cave in marks a great leader in him, a must needed trait to become the President of the most powerful country in the world. This campaign is only the beginning, and the media has already gotten this nasty towards Cruz after today’s announcement and will only get nastier from here on out. Never forget that all these attacks he is facing are only because of one reason: They are absolutely scared of Ted. Even they know deep down that he is brilliant, charismatic, and doesn’t even need a teleprompter to give speeches like the one he gave today. Make no mistake about it, but Ted Cruz and any other conservative or libertarian candidate will face absolute hell from the mainstream media. Despite all of this, he seems very comfortable and confident, looking like a great candidate who we can hopefully call ‘President Cruz’ on January 20, 2017.

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