Holder’s Ferguson report was created to mislead “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” racists

Holder’s Ferguson report was created to mislead “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” racists

Holder’s report on the Ferguson Police Dept was complete BS, formulated to pander to, placate, and mislead the misguided ‘hands up dont shoot’ liberal racists after the exoneration of Officer Darren Wilson.

Studies prove blacks tend to speed more often. Blacks kill and assault each other far more than others. They have fatherless homes more than others. They are repeat offenders more than others. If this hurts your feelings to hear, sometimes, you just have to accept reality.

black on black crime

There are many realities that have to be accounted for that just defies liberal’s imaginary Utopia. However, police don’t have the luxury to ignore what you want to ignore. Black communities call in more crime than others. What were the Ferguson police to do? Ignore their pleas for help?

For example, 45% of the NYC population is minority and 80% of the stops are minority but over 91% of the crime is also minority. So whites were actually targeted, disproportionately.

Backs are 12% of state population yet are 62% of murders, almost all black-on-black.

During his entire tenure as Barack Obama‘s attack dog, Eric Holder has effectively distorted the acronym of his office. It should be DOOJ: Department Of the Obstruction of Justice.

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